Consultation 2014 (closed)

The Tough Choices consultation ran from October to November 2014. Feedback was gathered on the following proposals:

  1. Extending the DIY Chargeable Waste Scheme at Recycling Centres to include additional materials.
  2. To no longer pay discretionary recycling credits to third parties for textiles

Stakeholders, including service providers, town, parish and district councils, textile groups and the public, were consulted via the website or by letter. Feedback was received online, by email and by letter. 143 responses were received in total.

The responses are summarised as follows:

Proposal 1: 135 responses were received. 42% agreed with the proposal to charge and 56% were against. 2% of responses thought a higher charge should be implemented. Of the public responses (99) 51% agreed with the proposal and 47% were against. 2% thought higher charges should be implemented. The main concern expressed by those supporting and opposing the proposal is the potential for an increase in volume of fly tipped material. We recognise this potential and fly tipping will be closely monitored.

Proposal 2: 113 responses were received. 81% agreed with the proposal and 19% were against. The main concern expressed is if there will still be sites locally for textile recycling. There was also a suggestion that more advice should be available to the public on how to recycle their textiles. Textile banks across the county will be unaffected by this proposal. It is proposed to undertake a textile recycling campaign later this year.

The responses have been given due consideration and the proposals will remain unchanged.

These proposals were approved by Full Council on Thursday 19 February and will come into force from 1 April 2015.