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New - eBooks and audiobooks! If you have a computer, eReader or other mobile device you can now download eBooks and audiobooks from the library for FREE! You can borrow them for 7, 14 or 21 days and once the time is up, they will automatically disappear so you don't even have to remember to take them back To find out more follow the link - eBooks and audiobooks

UR LibraryJoin the library

It's easy, and it's FREE! You can join the library by:

bullet filling in the online joining form
bullet visiting a library

If you are under 16, we will need to check with your Mum, Dad or main carer to see if they are happy for you to join before you collect your membership card. Find my nearest library.

Gold star ratingsWhat can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 12 books and 8 music or story CDs. If you are over 16 you can also borrow 4 DVDs (see all the latest releases here). Find out more

Check the Catalogue to see what's in stock.

Look out for our selection of books with gold stars for teenage readers.

If you can't find what you're looking for - just ask the librarian.

Girl with booksReserve a book

Know what you want to read? Under 18? >>

Order a book for free!

Once you have joined the library you can get a PIN (Personal Identification Number) so you can reserve or renew books and other items online.

Find out more about how to order books online.

U ChooseU-choose

Tell us which new books, CDs, DVDs you think we should buy for the library. Send your suggestions to: or complete a U-Choose form.

Each month we'll pick one of your suggestions and award a USB memory stick (under 16 library members only). Join NOW!


There are computers in all Devon Libraries. Members can have up to 2 hours free access every day. If you are not a member you can get a guest ticket - but there is a charge for this. So why not join?

If you need longer there is a small charge.

Just ask the librarian. more>>


Study support - online referenceOnline reference

Your library card gives you free access to a range of online reference sources to which the library subscribes -

Including Oxford Reference Online, encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Access FREE online reference now.

The Zone


Encyclopedia Britannica Online - 12-18

Groupthing - where creative things meet

Teen Blogs

LGBT book list - link

Enquire - link

Wondrous Reads

Spinebreakers - link

Book Crossing - link


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