• How else can I get involved?

    There’s lots happening across the County Council, including changes to how we work to meet the needs of residents and what matters to them more effectively. Leadership at all levels is more important than ever, so keep getting involved by … Continue reading

  • What’s Stop the Clock?

    An idea that originally came from a colleague, at 11.00am on Thursday 9 March, everyone at Devon County Council was encouraged to stop what they were doing, wherever they were and whoever they were with, and have a chat about leadership. … Continue reading

  • Who wrote the Charter?

    The original idea came from our Leadership Group and they worked really closely with staff from right across the County Council to develop the Charter. In particular, the views of colleagues from our High Expectations cohort were crucial in developing … Continue reading

  • Why do we need the Leadership Charter?

    The Leadership Charter is for everyone at Devon County Council and aims to inspire conversations and actions around positive leadership behaviour. It’s about recognising the leader in all of us – listening to and hearing from others, making stronger connections … Continue reading