Leadership and You colleagues feedback to Leadership Group

Leadership and You at LG15

Denise Dearden presenting to all members of our Leadership Group (LG15), on behalf of the ‘Leadership and You’ course

At a recent Leadership Group session, colleagues from the ‘Leadership and You’ development programme, who work in various parts of the Council*,  shared the results of their research on responses to the Leadership Charter and ‘Stop the Clock’ initiative.

In an open and honest discussion, the Leadership Group heard about the different reactions to the Charter, recognised the fantastic work that is going on in some parts of the Council, and considered how important it is to keep up the momentum.

The main points raised were:

  • The strong negative feelings expressed by some staff that the Charter is insignificant, they have seen similar initiatives before (that do not last) and nothing will change.
  • The positive way in which some teams have embraced the Charter, with creative and energetic responses to ‘Stop the Clock’ evident across some business areas.
  • The cultures within teams and extent to which people have been able to embrace the notion that anyone can show leadership anywhere in the structure.
  • Contrasting experiences of staff at County Hall with those at other locations.
  • How some staff feel like they are living the Charter already and able to evidence real examples with confidence.
  • Ideas for keeping up the momentum and taking the Charter beyond the early adopters including designating champions, workshops, induction for new starters, 360 reviews, another Stop the Clock.
  • The importance of language and of experimenting with diverse ways of expressing what is meant.
  • The need to embed the Charter in improvement and change processes.

Leadership and You at LG15
Viola Williams explaining how the Leadership Charter was received at Mapleton Care Home

Leadership and You at LG15
Debs McMillan continuing the conversation

Leadership and You team members: Denise, Debs, Donna, Mairi and Viola said:

It was good to actually be there in front of Leadership Group 15 to have the opportunity to speak directly about the work that everyone has been doing for the Leadership Charter across Devon (not just us!).

“LG15 members appreciated that there was a fresh perspective on the Charter from the viewpoint shared by those working in frontline care operations, and acknowledged that a lot of the focus on the work so far has been around staff at County Hall.

“Although we explained that some colleagues were cynical when the Charter was launched, we have now moved on to a more positive place; we know that a lot of work has been done on this and that good things are happening.

“We felt that each LG15 member was actively listening to us and really trying hard to do something positive to keep up the momentum.

“It was made clear that colleagues are expecting more to happen now,  following on from what has already gone on.

“We hope the leadership work continues, but we are all responsible as colleagues to continue the conversations.”

Leadership and You group at LG15
Lucy Knight presenting to LG15

Also at the session Lucy Knight, Performance and Strategy Project Manager, shared an infographic that contained detailed analysis she had undertaken of the feedback and graffiti walls from numerous ‘Stop the Clock’ events held across the county.

The discussion continued around the behaviours that staff want to see in themselves and others as leaders; the importance of trust; anticipation from a lot of staff about what comes next; the importance of individual responsibility and of personal contribution; how the Council is encouraging and enabling challenge in a way it hasn’t before; the links with communities, and benefits and limitations of social media.

The messages that resonated most with Leadership Group were: leadership is not the same as management; give me space to try and permission to fail; and anyone can show leadership anywhere in the structure.

A set of actions that will reflect this feedback and keep up the momentum will now be developed, with more events happening soon.

Remember to tell us what you are up to!  communications@devon.gov.uk


*Leadership and You colleagues present were: Denise Dearden (Trading Standards) supported by Viola Williams (Mapleton Care Home for adults with dementia), Deborah McMillan (Nichols and Newholme Day Services for people with learning disabilities), Donna Luckett (Public Health) and Mairi Hamilton (Communications).


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