Customer Service Centre colleagues continue the conversation with Phil Norrey

Phil Norrey at the CSC

Following on from the Stop the Clock conversations and events at the Customer Service Centre, our Chief Executive Phil Norrey was invited to spend some time with the staff based in Tiverton to find out more about the events they organised and their thoughts on leadership.

Many of the issues discussed on the Stop the Clock day have been posted in the Centre’s lobby and kitchen area, and an art wall has been started where staff bring in art they have made and have it displayed to brighten up the walls.

While at the Centre, Phil also took the opportunity to listen in to calls taken by the advisers so he could get a wider sense of the sorts of issues customers contact the Council about.

After the visit, Customer Service advisers said: “Phil was very approachable and down to earth – it was an open and friendly discussion about where we are now, how we go forward in the future, and how the Leadership Charter can assist us in our journey.”

Phil said he thoroughly enjoyed the visit. “It was great to see first-hand the enthusiasm and energy of colleagues at the Customer Service Centre and to chat about what leadership means to them. Thank you to everyone for being so honest and engaging.

“I found it truly inspirational to see the way colleagues are embracing the ethos of the Leadership Charter and making it their own – while having enormous fun in the process! Well done all!”

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