Leadership Charter? What’s it all about?

Why do we need the Leadership Charter?

The Leadership Charter is for everyone at Devon County Council and aims to inspire conversations and actions around positive leadership behaviour.

It’s about recognising the leader in all of us – listening to and hearing from others, making stronger connections and being more supportive to each other.

We’re all too familiar with the challenges facing local government but we are all part of the solution and have the power to do something positive by changing the way we work together. The Charter helps us to explore these opportunities and create the conditions for success.

Who wrote the Charter?

The original idea came from our Leadership Group and they worked really closely with staff from right across the County Council to develop the Charter. In particular, the views of colleagues from our High Expectations cohort were crucial in developing the content and ethos of the Charter, and ensuring it reflects what is important to all of us and how we would expect ourselves and others to behave.

How do we ‘use’ the Charter?

Essentially, we all own the Charter so it’s up to you how you use it. There may be some elements that are more relevant to your teams that you wish to discuss, you may wish to have a chat to colleagues from other organisations about how it complements collaborative working, or perhaps you’d prefer to use it in your 1:1s or appraisals – whatever suits you.

What’s Stop the Clock?

An idea that originally came from a colleague, at 11.00am on Thursday 9 March, everyone at Devon County Council was encouraged to stop what they were doing, wherever they were and whoever they were with, and have a chat about leadership. Conversations happened across the Council with colleagues discussing bits of the Charter, what behaviours they thought make a good leader, who are the leaders that they work with, and whether they consider themselves a leader and why?

Graffiti walls were displayed in offices so the space could be used to come together and start the conversation.

Look out for another Stop the Clock event coming soon.

But we are all really busy; how can I find time for this?

Yes, we are an incredibly busy organisation facing loads of challenges around budgets and service delivery but at times like these demonstrating effective leadership is more important than ever. This was the first time we’ve done anything like this at Devon County Council so it was brilliant that so many colleagues took the time to have a chat about what leadership really means for DCC.

Tell me more about the benefits of Stop the Clock?

Sometimes it can feel like we’re hearing lots from our Leadership Group about how they would like things to be, but not so much from colleagues. We know that leadership is about all of us, and that’s why it’s important that we talk to one another about it, giving us the opportunity to listen and learn from each other – and that’s what Stop the Clock aims to help us all to do.

How do we share our Stop the Clock experiences?

It’s really important that we all learn from each other about how leadership feels. If you have any feedback from Stop the Clock or other leadership conversations, tell us!

You can use this website’s comment section; send us your photographs, films and thoughts to communications@devon.gov.uk; Tweet using #dccTEA, or drop an email to the Leadership Group. Whatever works for you – we want to hear from you.

How else can I get involved?

There’s lots happening across the County Council, including changes to how we work to meet the needs of residents and what matters to them more effectively. Leadership at all levels is more important than ever, so keep getting involved by joining in conversations, joining in the conversation on social media, holding your own leadership events, and looking out for details about how you can get involved in organised initiatives. And remember to let us know how things are going.

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