What is outcomes based commissioning?

Although the council has plans to develop ‘outcome based commissioning’ and ‘independent service fund’ arrangements in the future, the Supporting Independence contract remains ‘time and activity’ based.

The council’s plans to develop ‘outcome based commissioning’ arrangements are being taken forward through other contracts. However, participation in that development is not restricted to those providers. Supporting Independence providers interested in being part of this development, or part the independent service fund development should contact the business relations team.

The Supporting Independence contract is outcome focused. The difference between ‘outcome based commissioning’ and ‘outcome focused’ is that outcome based commissioning refers to an agreement under which a provider’s payment arrangements are specifically and exclusively based upon the delivery of pre-determined outcomes. An outcome focused contract on that other hand, is one where the outcomes needing to be delivered are part of the specification and delivery requirements. But, that the payment part of the agreement can continue to be based upon a more traditional ‘time and activity’ arrangement. Under an outcome based commissioning arrangement, a provider’s payment arrangements are directly dependent upon the delivery of the outcomes. Under an outcome focused contract, as long as the agreed time and activities had been delivered, provider would be guaranteed payment, and any failure to deliver the specified outcomes would be a matter of ongoing contract management.