Providers not on the Supporting Independence Framework

You will need to know whether you have been successfully accepted onto the Supporting Independence framework. Your organisation would have been told in August 2017 whether you have been accepted.

If you have not been accepted, or if you did not apply please see the information below for information about how you can apply for the next opening (Spring 2018). If you did not apply or were not accepted onto the framework, you may still be providing your usual service for people. However, you will not receive new referrals until you have been accepted onto the framework. If you want to do business with us there are a number of contracts that we currently operate. You will need to find out which contract you would want to be part of.

The different contract vehicles are:

  • Supporting Independence framework contract – for the delivery of unregulated services which provide one to one support to people in their own home and/or group based care and support
  • Living Well at Home (LWAH) contract – for the delivery of all services in the home that have an element of regulated personal care. To provide personal care in the home you must be registered with the care quality commission; this means that you would be a regulated provider

    If you are a provider that delivers both regulated and unregulated services then you should apply to become        a provider on both the Supporting Independence and LWAH contract.

    If you are a Supported Living provider, additional information on Supported Living can be found at;                           

Entry point 2018

There are openings in the Supporting Independence framework once a year. You will need to wait for the dates below before you apply. The proposed dates for the entry point in 2018 are:

  • early-April 2018: release of tender documents for entry point 1
  • end-May 2018: closing date for tender submissions for entry point 1
  • early-September 2018: award of contract
  • 1st October 2018: entry point for extension period 1 commences; contract start date for new providers

Potential providers will need to be registered onto the tendering portal  – The tendering portal is where all our contract opportunities will be published,  and where you will find communication regarding this opportunity. Find our step by step guidance of how to register on ProContract here.