What is Supporting Independence?

Supporting Independence is the name of a contract that Devon County Council and Devon Partnership NHS Trust will use from October 2017. This contract covers all the community-based unregulated care and support that someone will receive if it has been arranged by Devon County Council or Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Unregulated care and support is anything provided to someone that does not require personal care to be given inside the person’s home.

If a person needs personal care provided for them inside their home and needs Devon County Council or Devon Partnership NHS Trust to arrange this for them, they won’t use this contract. To purchase personal care services a different contract is used which is called Living Well at Home.

Does my organisation provide personal care? (CQC definition)

What constitutes a regulated or unregulated service?

Before the specification for the contract was written, we spoke to people who use unregulated services and they told us the things that were important to them. We used these to describe what the Supporting Independence contract needed to cover:

  • I have maintained and developed my independence and control of my life.
  • I am more confident and need less support than I did.
  • I am supported to do as much as possible for myself and make decisions about my life.
  • I am supported and know how to stay safe and free from abuse.
  • I feel stronger and healthier.
  • I feel I need less help from those around me.
  • As a carer, I am valued and listened to and supported to continue in my caring role.

Supporting Independence framework is relevant for people who are in a Supported Living environment if they require unregulated 1:1 hours. This is because the 1:1 hours will be purchased from the Supporting Independence contract if there is no personal care needed. The Supporting Independence framework is not relevant for people who arrange their care via a direct payment.

Entry Point 2020

The next entry point opportunity will be March 2020. Further information will be available soon.