The School was not aware that they had automatically enrolled in the Mutual Fund for 2015/16 and therefore did not know that they could claim for staff absences, which is why the claim was submitted late.

This is not a valid reason for a late claim to be submitted and will be rejected by the board. As all schools (including academies, free or maintained) currently in the scheme will automatically be enrolled in the Mutual Fund for the following year unless the Mutual Fund is informed otherwise, prior to 31st March. All schools remaining in the Mutual Fund or joining the scheme for the following year will be provided with a premium notification via SecureNet during April. All schools will be given two weeks in which to contact the Mutual Fund team to raise any query relating to their premium. The Mutual Fund premium will then be raised in the middle of May with a further confirmation sent via the Finance Information Community by AnyComms and all claims received for April and May, will then be processed and paid by the end of May.