Will I have less support?

The point of the review is to identify what needs to have that are eligible for support under the Care Act eligibility.   Although we will write down all your needs not all of them will be eligible ones.  We will then tell you which needs are eligible and which needs we will be providing funding to help meet.  If someone else is meeting the need and they are willing to still do so then we will not be providing funding. 

For needs that are not eligible for funding we will give you information and advice on how you can help yourself and stop them getting worse

For needs that are eligible for funding we will talk to you about all the different ways of meeting that need and we will be helping you to identify the way of meeting that need that is of best value. 

This may be Devon County Council funding lots of support for a short period of time while you learn how to do something and then the support stopping or it could mean buying a piece of equipment that will help you rather than staff having to be around.

When we have agreed what is best value we will write it all down so that you know what to expect.

So you may get less support, a few people have had more support because of this review and other people have had support in a different way.

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