Why are you doing this now?

From April 2016 Devon County Council has a framework contract in place for the provision of regulated personal care and anyone starting a new service will have their care provided by the organisations within this contract.  At the moment this does not apply to those people who are already receiving regulated care in a Supported Living arrangement, but this will change in time.

The providers of Supported Living will have a choice as to whether they apply to work within this framework contract or not, if they choose not to apply or are unsuccessful, then all parties need to be clear what their future offer is to be.

It is important that you and your family know what to expect from the providers and we also need to understand what is being bought on behalf of each person to comply with the Care Act 2015 and the Fair and Affordable Care Policy.

The Fair and Affordable Care Policy under the Care Act 2015 requires Devon County Council to use its resources in a way that is fair for all of the people in Devon that require adult social care and to ensure that best value for Devon County Council is achieved.  Services provided will reflect the choice and preference of individuals and the care arranged will be sufficient to meet eligible needs, whilst always looking to achieve best value of the finite resources available.

Fair and Affordable Care Policy

Your eligible need for additional individual support hours, as well as shared hours of support, will be considered in any revision of service arrangements under the Supported Living Review and all parties will be clear on what additional hours may fall within the framework contract when the Council decides that the contract will apply to existing Supported Living clients.

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