What things might indicate concerns around the quality of provision?

There are some key things which might indicate that there is an issue around the quality of the service being provided such as:

Management and leadership

  •  There is a lack of leadership by managers
  •  The service is not being managed in a planned way, but reacts to problems or crises
  •  Managers appear unaware of serious problems in the service
  •  The manager is new and doesn’t appear to understand what the service is set up to do
  •  A responsible manager is not apparent or available within the service

Staff skills, knowledge and practice

  •  Staff appear to lack the information, skills and knowledge to provide the necessary support
  •  Members of staff are controlling
  •  Members of staff use negative or judgemental language when talking about the people they support
  •  Record keeping by staff is poor

Behaviours and wellbeing

  •  People appear frightened or show signs of fear
  •  Behaviours have changed
  •  Moods or psychological presentation have changed

Resisting the involvement of commissioners, families and others

  •  Managers/staff do not respond to advice or guidance from practitioners and families who visit the service
  •  Staff or managers appear defensive or hostile when questions or problems are raised by external professionals or families
  •  People feel isolated and don’t feel they can talk to anyone about their concerns

The way services are planned and delivered

  •  There is a lack of clarity about the purpose and nature of the service
  •  The service is accepting people whose needs they appear unable to meet
  •  Peoples needs as identified in assessments, care plans or risk assessments are not being met

The environment

  •  The service is not providing a safe environment
  •  The accommodation is dirty, in a poor state of repair or unsuitable

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