What does the Supported Living review mean for me?

Many people are currently living together in shared accommodation where they also share paid for support.  Currently it is not clear if the people sharing support are each getting the support that they need and it is important that the arrangements are fair for everybody.

We will be talking to people sharing the accommodation to confirm what each person wishes to achieve by living there and as part of this we will identify common needs that can be met by shared support.  We will also be talking to the providers of the accommodation and/ or support to agree what to pay for the shared support being provided.

The agreement with the provider on the hours of support that can be shared by the people living there will be called a Supported Living contract.  This will mean that everyone living there will be clear on what is being paid for and will know their own share of this support.

There may also be a contract for additional hours that you do not share with others and this will also be agreed through your review.

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