What is the process leading to a Supported Living Contract?

Providers of Supported Living should all be aware of the principles that the Council intends to apply following engagement events started in 2015 and followed by individual contact as well as regular updates via the PEN.

The timetable of planned work by the Supported Living Review was then published in early 2016 via the PEN and updates have been provided bi monthly.

There are a number of steps to these reviews commencing and decisions being made about whether a Supported Living contact will be offered to a provider.

  • The Council will arrange a ‘Launch’ meeting with a provider before any review of clients is due to commence.
  • The ‘launch’ meeting will seek to confirm which buildings are to be reviewed, the priority order in which reviews will occur, consider the level of shared hours likely in each building and identify any need to arrange independent advocacy for individual clients.
  • During the period that the client reviews are taking place, the Council will work closely with the provider to discuss the initial outcomes of the reviews, cost structure that the Council will use, and how to take forward any changes that are going to be needed.
  • After the client reviews are completed, the clients and carers/families will be informed of the outcome and where appropriate a shared hour offer contract signed.

  • There is a follow up of the new arrangements completed 6 – 8 weeks after the completion of client reviews, to monitor the progress for each client under the new arrangement.
  • Should any longer term development plan or other arrangement need to be followed through then this will be completed by your local Social Care Community Team.

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