What is Devon County Council’s understanding of and plan for supported living?

At the heart of our vision is the belief that people should be supported to maximise their independence and remain in their own homes for as long as they choose and are able and that people are cared for in the place they want to be with their family & networks around them. But for people for whom that is not possible (apart for those people who need intensive and integrated nursing support as part of their requirements), people with even the most intensive and complex health and social care needs still should have a range of choices open to them and be supported into service models which continue to maximise their independence and support their continued involvement in existing social networks.

The diagram below illustrates how in pursuing that vision, the County Council is working with social care clients who are living across a whole range of different housing settings. At one end- actually the vast majority of social care clients today – people are living in their own home, and receiving care that ‘comes in through their front door’. At the other end of the spectrum, people that have complex health and social care needs are being offered packages of care that involve ‘on site’ care & support staff, and where managed accommodation has to be part of that offer.

Illustration 1 (above): Devon County Council has a responsibility to use its resources in a way that is fair for all of the people in Devon who require adult social care, and to ensure that best value for Devon County Council is achieved.

In developing the above vision into practical offers of care and support, the County Council is working with a broad range of partners including housing associations, District Borough and City Council housing authorities, independent sector accommodation with care providers, private ‘landlords’, DCC, Devon Partnership Trust, the two NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and the voluntary  and community sector.

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