What if I want to take a Direct Payment and live in supported living with a shared hours arrangement?

The Shared Hours element of a care package within a Supported Living environment is not appropriate to be paid through a Direct Payment

In other words, the Shared Hours element must be commissioned directly by DCC.


Devon County Council offers direct payments to people to enable them to be creative in how their care and support needs are met increasing choice and promoting independence.

Where it has been chosen to meet a person’s eligible needs using carers whose time is shared between everyone living in the same property (often called a shared hours offer), this part of the support plan must be commissioned by DCC

The shared hours offer is carefully devised by social workers to match compatible services users with a specific care agency in a specific property. It therefore becomes a condition of living at the property for each person to pay an equal share of the cost.  As a result, it is not possible for the person with a direct payment to spend that money differently

With the appropriate oversight, shared hours arrangements ensure Personal Budgets remain sufficient to meet people’s needs in full. They also promote wellbeing by ensuring that the cared for person is supported to live and interact with their peers, which avoids the risk of social isolation.

Needs that are not appropriately met using shared hours of care (e.g. safely accessing the community) may still be met using a direct payment.

Exceptions: There may be exceptional circumstances where it is appropriate to make a direct payment available to fund a shared hours offer.  For instance where the person is planning on moving out within 6 weeks and needs to know how much is in their personal budget.

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