What happens if the shared hours financial settlement being offered to a Supported Living provider is felt to be insufficient?

The Council is currently offering what it believes are viable and sustainable interim financial settlements.  These are being negotiated with providers on an individual basis, because they involve detailed confidential financial information about each provider’s cost structure and staffing arrangements.

Should agreement not be reached there is an appeals process that can be followed

A written appeal should be lodged within 7 calendar days of receipt of the draft Property Schedule, sent to supportedliving-mailbox@devon.gov.uk, to include

  • on what grounds the appeal is being made
  • confirming an open book financial check can be conducted
  • any counter proposal

Devon County Council will then consider the appeal within 14 calendar days, further detailed discussions with the Provider are likely to support this process, and then dependant on the outcome a course of action will be taken –

  1. the Schedule may be implemented with any variance in financial settlement to accrue pending agreement dates for completion of agreed actions e.g. open book accounting check.
  2. or the Schedule will be revised to reflect the agreed counter proposal and will then be backdated


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