In Devon, we have many building-based support services which sit somewhere between the definition of a residential care home, and the definition of community-based care which comes in through a family’s front door.

Service providers deliver support to a group of people living in shared accommodation; helping to enhance the quality of their lives, while protecting them from avoidable harm.

Current situation

In many instances people living together in shared accommodation also share the support they pay for individually. However, at times it is not clear how the cost of the support is shared and whether individuals are actually getting the support they need.

We want these arrangements to be transparent and fair for everybody.


We are establishing a specific commissioning arrangement for Supported Living to secure quality services and value for money. In the short term, we will agree interim Supported Living contracts for:

  • the hours of support shared by each person in the accommodation
  • the support each person needs beyond their shared hours.

To do this we will be working with the service providers and talking to service users who are sharing accommodation to review:

  • what each person wishes to achieve by living there
  • the common areas of support needed.

We will finalise arrangements with the service providers. And discuss the options available for meeting individual needs and give support to arrange these services if needed.


Want to know more?

View our slideshow which explains the problem and the process we’re using.