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Welcoming new arrivals

Information on welcoming new arrivals, initial meetings with parents and classroom preparations can be found on the ‘New Arrivals’ page.

Home language GCSE

Do an extra GCSE in your home language!

This year the Devon EMTAS team will be running preparation classes for our bilingual pupils in Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Russian and other languages as requested.

The preparation classes and oral exam will be held across Devon in March-May 2023.

The bilingual pupils who were enrolled on a home language GCSE course last year were very successful. Experience shows us that pupils really benefit from the practice and support in preparing for the exam with a professional teacher.

Pupils will need to be enrolled for the GCSE through their schools. The deadline for enrolment in the classes is January 31 2023.

If you are interested please complete Speaking entry referral form and email it to:


Useful links

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