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Data sharing

In preparation for September 2023 as schools are expected to establish a better, more timely flow of pupil level attendance data across schools, trusts, local authorities, and DfE all schools are encouraged to sign up to Wonde –Share your daily school attendance data – GOV.UK ( This system will not place any additional administrative burdens on schools. Once fully established, this will allow data to be collected directly from all schools’ electronic registers. Collection happens at no cost to schools and without requiring any manual inputting of information.

Getting daily attendance data will:

  • give schools, local authorities, and multi-academy trusts (MATs) access to more up-to-date pupil level attendance data
  • help you meet the new expectations set out in working together to improve school attendance
  • help schools identify issues and challenges relating to absence and safeguarding in a quicker and simpler way
  • not add to your school’s workload

Schools should use the reports to help improve school attendance by identifying trends and pupils that need support, and sharing attendance data with your board, governing body, and local authority.