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Shop for education welfare and attendance support for schools

The Devon Education Welfare Service (EWS) can support schools and local authorities in achieving higher levels of school attendance by:

  • providing strategic advice on policy and practice
  • offering advice and training on the evaluation of attendance data
  • early help establishing rigorous and detailed casework to address low attendance levels
  • progressing a clear escalation process to encourage improvement
  • instigating an effective legal process to address parental responsibility
  • maintaining multi-agency practice to address issues affecting good attendance

As a service, we are continuously looking at the support and tools that we can offer schools and LAs in effectively managing school attendance. We have developed the following tools to support good school attendance.

Shop for education welfare and attendance support for schools

Attendance data profile

This tool identifies specific areas of concern for particular groups of learners and supports the school Senior Leadership Team in identifying areas for future focus. Also, it allows the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of existing school attendance strategies.

The process for developing the attendance data profile includes:

  • liaising with you to obtain your raw attendance data
  • analysing your data and present the analysis in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format
  • providing a summary of the analysis
  • identifying key areas of focus
  • following up with a 1:1 consultation to discuss the report and consider an action plan.

Attendance review

A comprehensive attendance audit tool, considering the following areas:

  • Using data – including processes for identifying, monitoring and tracking persistent absentees and other vulnerable pupils, attendance trends, target setting and the link between attendance and attainment.
  • Roles and responsibilities – checking how school staff, parents and pupils are made aware of their responsibilities.
  • Policies and strategies – attendance policy, evidence of whole-school strategies including first day calling and transition arrangements.
  • Leadership and management – role of the Attendance Leader, governing body etc.
  • Partnerships – between the LA and other external support agencies.
  • Communication – promotion of school attendance through feedback, Pupil Voice, etc.

Bespoke consultancy

We are happy to discuss and create tailored support and guidance for schools and local authorities.

Attendance guidance and forms

One minute guides