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Welcome to our new Support for schools and settings website. This website is in beta, which means we’re still testing and improving it, and will continue to do so based on your feedback.

You may encounter occasional broken links or error messages. If so, please let us know! This is what the beta phase is intended for, and your feedback will help us to make improvements.

What we’ve done

This beta website builds on several months of work and learning. We’ve carried out user testing and surveys to gather information from education professionals so that we can make the new website as useful as possible for you.

This has enabled us to produce a beta website with a new structure, design and content – so that it should be easier for you to find the information you need when you need it.

What next

We know the site isn’t perfect yet so we’ll be gathering your feedback, observing user behaviour and doing further testing to see how we can improve the website. Our goal is for the website to be clear, easy to use and informative, so that it genuinely works well for users.

If you have feedback on this website, please let us know. You can provide feedback using the feedback button on every webpage.