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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Guidance for developing relational practice and policy

Image description

An image of a circle divided into four different coloured segments containing text. There are two arrows on the outer edge of the circle pointing in a clockwise direction around the circle indicating a flow from the top segment (entitled Assess) round to the top left segment (entitled Review).

The segments are (clockwise from top): a blue segment with the title Assess in white text and smaller text in white stating: Consider and assess the child’s relational needs; Carry out a strengths analysis to identify skills, resources and strategies to build upon; Identify barriers to inclusion: learning, language and social skills assessment; Listen to the child and elicit their views; Work with parents/carers: collect views and information; Get beneath the behaviour: hypothesise as to the unmet needs.

The second segment is coloured pink and is entitled Plan, in white text, underneath in white text are the words: Develop a shared understanding of priorities, outcomes and vision of success; Include children, parents and staff in the planning process; Establish a team of support around the child; Plan support for developing relationships, responding and calming and repairing relationships; Plan support/intervention for ensuring access to learning and social inclusion; Identify training and support needed for staff and parents/carer.

The third segment is a light sage green colour and is entitled Do (in white text). Beneath the title in white text are the words: Relational support and intervention for inclusion: universal and targeted; Feedback for the child: engaging the child through coaching/mentoring/reports; Support for staff: reflection, supervision, coaching, training input; Daily monitoring, discussion, responding and adapting; Using restorative discussions and processes to maintain and repair relationships; Regular two-way communication with parents/carers.

The final segment is coloured purple and is entitled Review (in white text). Beneath the title is the text (also in white): Revisit the priorities, outcomes and vision; Analyse what has worked well and needs to continue/increase; Analyse what needs to change/what needs to be done differently; Consider if additional information, assessment or training is needed; Establish next steps and revise plan; Involve the child, parents/carers in review process.

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