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Non-Binary: Identify as neither male or female.
Bigender: A child who feels they have two gender identities.
They don’t have to experiences these are the same time
Transgender: A child whose gender identity is in some way different to the gender they were assigned at birth.
Intersex: A child who has a natural variation of their reproductions or genital organs such as, genitals, gonads, hormones, chromosomes or reproductive organs so that they are neither male nore female. 
1.7% of the population are believed to be born this way.
Polygender: A child who has several gender identities. Just like Bigender they don’t have to experience them all at the same time
Fluid: A child who feels that deciding their gender is not important.
They can be any gender at any time.
Gender Neutral: A child that does not identify as any gender.
Demigender: An umbrella term for non-binary identities that have a partial connection to a certain gender.
For example, ‘Demiboy’, is a gender identity that is both male and genderless. ‘Demigirl’ is a gender identity that is both female and genderless.
Cisgender: A child’s gender identity is the same or similar to what they were assigned at birth.

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