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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Guidance for developing relational practice and policy

Image description

Venn diagram with three overlapping circles. The top circle, a light orange colour, is entitled Developing Relationships. The text underneath this title is Building Relationships: Developing safety, security and trust through protection, connection, understanding and care Supporting Inclusion: Facilitating access to learning, ensuring social inclusion and developing individual skills Setting Boundaries: Reaching agreements and building a shared understanding of expectations. Establishing clear processes for resolving difficulties. There is an outline graphic of a globe under the text.

The second circle (to the right) is coloured green. The title in this circle is Responding and Calming. The text in this circle is Keeping Calm: Using everyday interactions to maintain relationships and agreements and promote a calm and supportive learning environment Regulating Emotions: Using key relational skills to regulate strong emotions and calm behaviour Managing Crisis: Having clear plans to ensure safety and support. To the left of the text is a graphic of a green cog.

The third circle is coloured light purple. The title of this circle is Repairing and Restoring. The text in this circle is: Resolving Conflict: Everyday restorative interactions to resolve minor conflict and disagreements and create a shared understanding
Repairing Harm: Restorative encounters to discuss the breaking of agreements, the impact (consequences) on others and to restore relationships Supporting Change: What additional support / action is needed?
To the right of this text is a graphic of a purple circle with four interlocking jigsaw pieces contained within it.

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