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What you said:

Stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic are ruining our children’s lives and leading to mental health issues… Our children and young people deserve more…

Our Focus

To help and support our children and young people to bounce back after the pandemic with more young people able to access opportunities to do well and fulfil their potential

We will do this by

  • Providing extra mental health support and improve access to services
  • Enabling more young people able to take up vocational and other further education, skills and training opportunities
  • Providing and promoting more apprenticeship opportunities (including within DCC)
  • Taking action to make improvements for SEN children and Care Leavers
  • Promoting high standards and take action to help close the attainment gap in schools
  • Support the development of nursery and early years provision

How we will measure our impact

  • A reduction in referrals to the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service and a reduction in suicide in young people.
  • More people, including from harder to reach backgrounds, entering a vocational pathway with more under 25s achieving Level 1 and 2 equivalency across the economy.
  • A reduction the backlog of cases in our Special Educational Needs team and a reduction in the number of complaints – plus an uplift in attainment for children who are vulnerable have a special educational need or a disability.
  • A reduction in school absence and exclusions and an improved attainment in key stages of education in comparison with other LAs.