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What you said:

If a person says they feel unsafe or vulnerable, don’t make excuses not to help them.

Our Focus

To help create a more sustainable and resilient care sector in support of vulnerable adults as a key part of our local health system.

We will do this by

  • Delivering the “Love Care” programme to raise the profile of working in care and improve conditions for care workers
  • Continuing the “Proud to Care” recruitment campaign in support of independent sector care providers
  • Giving additional support to carers.
  • Encouraging walking and cycling and other ways to increase physical activity
  • Improving access to mental health services.

How we will measure our impact

  • A more integrated system of adult social care, with a higher skilled, more motivated workforce
    • Number of adult social care workers completing relevant qualifications
    • Number of individuals entering the health and social care workforce sector
    • Number of individuals from harder to reach backgrounds choosing Health & Social Care as a career
  • Better physical and mental health and increased public confidence
    • Number of interventions made and their outcomes
    • Number of relevant campaigns
    • Reduced fear of crime
    • Reduction in number of referrals to acute services