Public Event: Stover Water Catchment Citizen Science and Westcountry Rivers Trust 28th April

The Westcountry Rivers Trust were engaged by Stover Country Park and Natural England to suggest interventions that can be implemented to improve the quality of water entering the lake and improve the likelihood of the lake meeting the new water quality targets.

A range of monitoring and assessment methods were used, including Citizen Science, in order to characterise the behaviour of the upstream catchments (Great Plantation and Heathfield). These yielded important and interesting results.
We will be presenting their findings and recommendations in a presentation at Stover Country Park.

Date: Saturday 28th April
At: Stover Country Park Visitor Centre
1:30pm: Presentation
2:00 – 3:00pm: Drop in question and answer session
3:00pm: Presentation (same as 1:30pm)