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Exploring Japanese Lesson Study

During the day participants will learn about the Japanese approach to both professional development and the teaching of mathematics and participate in a ‘live lesson’ as part of a cycle of collaborative lesson research.

The day will include:

  • Exploration and explanation of collaborative lesson research (Japanese lesson study) – what is involved, why each of the activities is critical to the process and why schools in the UK might use this as an approach to professional development – Dr Takahashi
  • Direct experience of elements of the collaborative lesson research cycle created by a Devon team of teachers and advisers:
    • Lesson proposal – exploring how the proposal captures the thinking and intentions of the planning team
    • Lesson observation – based on the lesson proposal, in an Exeter primary school
    • Post-lesson discussion
    • Koshi – reflections on the cycle by Dr Takahashi


4 November 2019


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