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School attendance conference: Understanding and managing absence

Wednesday 13 March 2019 – Sandy Park, Exeter – 09:30 – 16:00

Truants and truancy have been construed as ‘problems’ in schools and the British Educational System since the introduction of compulsory schooling in the late Nineteenth Century.”(Hoyle 1998)

Two decades later, and although we no longer use the same language when talking about school absenteeism, the problems have not gone away, they have just moved with the times. For many Schools, navigating the Attendance Landscape in 2018 remains as confused and tricky as ever.

The conference will look into why children miss school, explore best practice of managing absence and also delve into behavioural and emotional reasons that effect school absenteeism.

Reasons to attend

  • Improve awareness of the key issues impacting school attendance
  • Reflect upon the issues impacting your own school’s attendance
  • Explore fresh insights, ideas and strategies to take away and implement in your own school setting.

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