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Developing Fluency and Conceptual understanding through games

Participants will each receive a free Set D of this e-resource, which is focussed on the five times table.

“The games were engaging and involved reasoning”

“We really feel that the quality of discussion to be had with these resources will help our children.”

“We could clearly see how we could use or adapt these games in our own classes to develop children’s fluency and conceptual understanding”

Sept 2019

Fluency is more than the memorisation and quick recall of facts and procedures. It involves having number sense and being flexible, noticing things about mathematical structure, and using what you know to make and monitor decisions.

This one day workshop will explore the use of games to:

  • develop fluency and reasoning
  • secure and deepen conceptual understanding
  • support children to work independently
  • promote collaborative learning
  • motivate and engage all learners (including teachers)



28 October 2019

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