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EXPIRED Secondary School Applications – September 2018

Dear Administrators . We still have a large number of year 6 pupils in Devon Primary Schools who have not yet made an application to transfer to Secondary School in September 2018. The closing date for applications is 31 October 2017. We would like to get as many applications in by the closing date as possible to ensure that children don’t potentially miss out on a place at their preferred Secondary School due to their application being submitted late.

Last year we saw an increase in late applications which resulted in a lot of disappointment and distress for families that were refused a place at their local school. As pressure on secondary school places increases, it is going to be essential for families to start applying on time, in order for them to stand the best possible chance of being offered one of their preferred schools. We have recently provided you with a list of your students and the status of their application. We would really appreciate your assistance in checking this list and reminding your families that they need to apply to avoid potential disappointment. We would also like your assistance in targeting families that you know would struggle to navigate this process, perhaps you have disadvantaged families that struggle to complete forms and/or may have language barrier difficulties? if you could ensure these families are supported in this process, it will avoid the situation we had last year with lots of unnecessary appeals.

Please also remember to notify us when you have a child start in year 6 so we can do a further check to ensure they have applied. We do try and pick these up, but we don’t necessarily know about all new starters. Parents can apply online at or they can contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1019 for a copy of the application form. If you could also put reminders in any publicity that goes to parents before half term this would also be really helpful as well. If you have any queries regarding this information please contact us on: or telephone 01392 383829 (option 2). Lastly, we will be running a campaign on Facebook and would appreciate you sharing these posts when you see them appear.
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16 October 2017


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