Defend yourself against seasonal flu

Devon residents susceptible to the effects of flu are being reminded to get their annual vaccination to protect them against the illness this winter.

Flu can be a serious illness, particularly for those in the at risk groups, so it’s vital that people in the eligible groups* and parents of young children take up the offer of the free flu vaccination, even if they feel healthy.

The effects of flu can be much more serious than people think. It’s highly infectious, and the symptoms of fever, chills, headache, aches and pains in joints and muscles, and extreme tiredness, can come on very quickly.

Vaccination is the best form of protection against the risk, and it is quick, easy and safe. The vaccine works by stimulating your immune system, so it can recognise and fight off the flu virus if you come into contact with it later.

*To find out if you’re eligible for your free flu jab or for more information visit

Protect what’s important this winter
Alongside a new staff campaign targetting front line social care staff, Devon County Council is encouraging pregnant women to get the free flu vaccine from their GP. See attached poster to please display in family areas/ school receptions.


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