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South West Behaviour Conference: Building Bridges, Building Relationships – Friday 23 November 2018 – Sandy Park Conference Centre, Exeter

Children need to experience relationships with an adult which enable them to develop feelings of safety and security and develop their own ability to self-regulate. Children with unmet needs may see the world as comfortless and unpredictable and respond by shrinking from it or doing battle with it.
Designed to meet the Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs of all children, the conference will:

  • Focus on ensuring positive relationships are at the heart of everything
    we do when working with children and young people
  • Help delegates learn how to facilitate real behavioural change
  • Explore the many reasons why a child may feel insecure in a relationship,
    and the unexpected result traditional behaviourist approaches may have
  • Provide a greater understanding of the needs of children who have
    experienced less sensitive, consistent and responsive care.

Visit the conference website and book your place here.


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