Attachment Based Mentoring

The Attachment Based Mentoring training is run by the Educational Psychology Service and Behaviour Support Service, and is specifically developed for vulnerable children. The course involves 3 days training followed by 1 half day supervision session. The course is relevant for all staff working with vulnerable children including designated teachers, teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral support assistants.

Course Description

The course draws together research from the fields of attachment, solution focused coaching and mentoring. It aims to train staff to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children by providing them with a significant adult in school who is able to use coaching and mentoring to support their development.

‘As long as we embrace the new project as wholeheartedly as the trainers have- and I am determined that we will- the impact should be enormous.’
‘The course was really practical, thorough, detailed and enjoyable. It has enabled me to take this forward with confidence and enthusiasm.’

Teachers and mentors have noticed significant improvements in a range of areas including emotional regulation, engagement in learning and peer relationships. The children themselves appear to have greatly valued feeling listened to and having someone in school to talk to. Significant themes emerging from children’s comments relate to feeling less worried, having more friends and getting on better in lessons.

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