Secondary Transfer – Application Facility

Dear Administrators and Headteachers,


May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the new academic year 2017/18. I hope you have all enjoyed a restful summer break – weather notwithstanding!


As always we have been beavering away here in the Admissions Team, preparing for the new year and raising awareness of the dates on the Admissions Calendar.


 You should by now have received a package from us containing letters addressed to the parents of your new year 6 cohort, DOB’s 1 August 2006 – 31 August 2007. These letters contain the UID’s (unique identifying numbers) enabling those parents to make application for their secondary school(s) via the online Admissions Application facility which opens on 1st September. You will recall we asked the same favour of you last year in distributing these letters at the start of the term. The saving to the County postal budget is considerable and we very much appreciate your support in this. If there are any pupils for whom there is no letter, perhaps new to year 6, or overlooked for some reason, please contact 0345 155 1019, or ask the parents to do so, and we will ensure one is generated. It is not essential to have a UID in order to apply.


For your information, the system opens on 1 September and closes on 31 October. It is very important that parents apply within this timescale as late applications may be disadvantaged where schools are oversubscribed. The letter contains links to Open Events at Secondary Schools, transport information, supplementary forms where necessary and designated area maps. The actual application facility will be open at, parents may express up to three preferences ranked in priority order. Any queries should be directed in the first instance to the Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1019. 


Parents may still complete a hard copy form of course and this can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre (pdf) but we do want to encourage online application where possible. The facility now operates on smartphones and other devices and applicants will receive email confirmation of receipt, as well as electronic notification on Allocation Day, Thursday 1 March 2018, of the outcome Additionally, the benefits to us are auto-matching and swift assimilation of preferences, enabling us to send lists to Primary and Secondary schools at the earliest date possible.


For interest, the Primary Application facility opens on 15 November 2017, closes on 15 January, 2018, at the same link. We will be issuing promotional material nearer that date, as well as Posters and flyers for early years settings to ensure we raise awareness with parents of children in the 2018 Primary cohort.


If you have specific queries, please do contact me. Meantime may I thank you as always for your support and wish you all a successful year ahead in Education.


Very best wishes

Karen S. Howes and The Admissions Team

Admissions Manager, Devon County Council, School Admissions Team,




4 September 2017

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