Making Sense of Autism – Post 16 Tier 2 – for practitioners – 2 day Course

Practical approaches to developing teaching, learning and support strategies for all staff working directly with young people on the autism spectrum (including tutors, learning support practitioners, assessors, trainers and job coaches).

The new SEND Code of Practice specifies that all professionals working in post-16 education settings should be prepared to support young people on the autism spectrum and all staff should have a basic awareness of autism and the needs of individuals.

Delivered by the highly experienced Babcock LDP autism team, the AET post 16 programme offers face-to-face training for professionals working with young people over the age of 16. The programme will form an essential part of your Continuing Professional Development and will play a key role in supporting your organisation to meet the needs of
young people on the autism spectrum, ensuring progression and reducing NEETS.

Developed by the AET, the programme uses a range of teaching tools, such as video and problem-solving scenarios, to develop understanding. This AET programme is supported by the Department for Education.

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