Modern Languages Conference- Thursday 19th November | Muddifords Court Country House | Cullompton | Devon

Learning Modern Languages provide children and young people with important skills
that will benefit them long after leaving the classroom. With a variety of languages
now taught in the primary and secondary classroom, this timely conference offers an
opportunity for primary and secondary language teachers to reflect on the future of
modern languages in our schools.

This one day conference will provide an opportunity to hear from leading
educational experts on the teaching of modern languages in primary and secondary
schools and how these language skills, regardless of the language learnt, are so

Conference Aims
• To understand the importance of language skills in the primary and secondary
• To develop a positive school culture towards the learning of Modern Languages
• To discuss how to assess languages without levels
• To reflect, discuss and share new ideas of the teaching of Modern Languages
Confirmed Speakers:
33 Catherine Cheater, Primary Languages Consultant
33 Suzi Bewell, Curriculum Leader for MFL, University of York


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