Annual Behaviour Conference: Supporting children and young-18th November 2016

Schools’ report that increasing numbers of pupils are not ready to learn. These children often lack focus, struggle to build and maintain meaningful relationships and lack the social and emotional skills and intelligence needed to succeed. Many of these children and young people have experienced significant loss, suffer from high levels of fear and anxiety and have often been subject to a range of relational trauma. School’s want all of their pupils to make good progress.

This conference will explore a range of practical approaches and interventions designed to meet the Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs of all students, support the most vulnerable, enable every child to engage with the curriculum and to be more successful learners.

Hear from our keynote speaker, Michelle Louise Bomber, Author, Teacher, Therapist and Attachment Support Teacher who will be discussing ways to support pupils who have experienced relational trauma and loss.

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