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Laser Energy Contract

Notification for Schools who currently use Devon County Councils contract for electricity and gas with Laser (Kent County Council).

Schools should have received a communication from Laser titled Devon County Council contract renewal for schools – Action required.

The majority of schools which hold a contract with Laser have responded to this request, however, there are still a number of schools who have not communicated with Laser. If your school has not responded, please contact Laser regarding the contract renewal at your earliest convenience. This is to advise if you wish to renew your contract with Laser or make your own arrangements.

Please note if electricity or gas contracts are not secured default charges will apply to those supplies, which means higher gas and electricity rates.

Laser energy can be contacted via email on with any questions you may have regarding the contract renewal.

Devon Procurement Services


Contact name

"Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Please note that weeks without communications to schools are ignored and the links will go to the last week where a communication was made in this category."