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EXPIRED Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) Training

This DfE approved course covers the management checks and procedures for visits required by the DfE and the local authority/employer.

A mandatory training course for staff new to the role of EVC in schools. Every school should have a named Educational Visits Co-ordinator who is trained and remains up to date.

Learning outside the classroom has always been an integral part of a child as education, providing the opportunity to develop key personal and social skills. The Educational Visits Coordinator’s (EVC’s) role is to help the school fulfil its Health and Safety obligations for off-site school visits, by being involved in the planning and management of all educational visits. This course is designed to support EVCs in their role by covering the legal and practical procedures required of their position.

Babcock LDP and DCC use the Evolve platform for visit management and this course looks at making the most of the evolve system to ensure EVC work is manageable.


25 May 2018
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