Numbers Count – Maths Intervention Programme

New training group starting September 2015

Numbers Count is part of the Every Child Count suite of interventions. It transforms mathematics for the lowest achieving children and raises standards for all children. It is an intensive intervention for children in years 1 to 8 who have the greatest difficulties with mathematics. Training in this new group is for teachers who will work with children in years 1 to 3.

Training in Numbers Count is for qualified teachers. The minimum requirement for a Numbers Count teacher to become accredited is that they teach six children, one-to-one, during their training year; each child should receive at least three and preferably five lessons a week, with a total of at least 40 lessons. After a detailed diagnostic assessment, the teacher plans a tailored programme for each child. Rigorous, active lessons focus on number and calculation, helping children to develop skills and attitudes that will ensure good progress in class lessons. The teacher liaises with parents and shares their specialist knowledge with colleagues, raising standards for all.


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