‘Happiness and Well-being Award’

The ‘Happiness and Well-being Award’ gives due regard to international research focused on children and young people’s well-being and in particular the extensive and quality research of the Children’s Society here in the UK.


The most recent Children’s Society report is a culmination of seven years of research involving 30,000 children (8-15 years old). The research reveals that at any moment half a million children across the UK are unhappy with their lives.


Schools are in a prime position to promote the ‘well-being’ of all members of the school community through a whole school approach.


This timely ‘Award’ is a natural development of the ‘Devon Healthy Schools Award’ (held by 98% (366) of Devon schools) and the ‘National Healthy Schools Programme’.


The ‘Happiness and Well-being Award’ focuses on the 5 strategic areas of:

• Management of the school community’s happiness and well-being

• School culture

• Happiness and well-being curriculum

• Care and well-being within the school community

• Active partnerships to promote happiness and well-being

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