Update on SEND Training – Early Years ***Free Training***

This half-day training will focus on how early years settings provide high quality SEND practice in Devon. The session will provide an overview of the SEND processes and guidance on what tools and advice is available to support schools/settings.

Aims of the session:

  • Understanding the role of early identification and how to act on concerns.
  • Improved confidence in applying Devon’s SEND pathway, this includes the Devon Assessment Framework (DAF)
  • To improve understanding of transition processes for children with SEND

Before the session:

We recommend that you come prepared for the session by thinking of a child in your setting about whom you have questions. This child may be new to the setting; it may be a child for whom you have questions about how to meet their needs through your current SEND provision. You will be asked to reflect on this case throughout the session.


26 April 2016

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