ICT Masterclass with Mr P Raising standards across the curriculum – Friday 12 May 2017 – Exeter Racecourse

 Masterclass overview

As a practising teacher Lee Parkinson focuses on a pedagogically sound approach to using technology in the classroom.

At this half-day masterclass he will demonstrate a wide range of creative ideas to engage, inspire and motivate pupils with their learning.

About Lee Parkinson

Lee Parkinson has been a Primary Teacher for 10 years where he has built a wealth of ideas for how technology can be embedded right across the curriculum. He continues to work in his school part-time working with children from EYFS through to Year 6 looking at how technology can enhance teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.

Mr Parkinson always puts learning first and looks for creative and innovative ways in which technology, such as tablet technology, can be used effectively to impact on writing & reading as well as developing key numeracy skills. He has built a reputation as one of the leading advocates for camouflage teaching, inducting children into learning by using engaging methods to motivate struggling writers and inspire boys to write.

After a recent Ofsted inspection, his use of iPads within a Literacy observation was deemed “Outstanding with a phenomenal use of technology and an Outstanding outcome to the lesson.”


21 March 2017


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