Annual Arts Conference: Leading a Creative Curriculum – Wednesday 24 May 2017 – Bridwell House and Deer Park, Cullompton


A truly creative curriculum provides vibrant, stimulating and challenging opportunities which encourages and motivates pupils to think, learn and act imaginatively and independently. The Arts subjects, both separately and collectively, support personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and creative development of pupils of all ages enabling them to engage with and explore sensory experiences and how to recognise and communicate ideas and meanings.

The Arts contribute to pupils becoming passionate explorers and risk-takers, and in doing so develop the skills and talents that will have a lasting impact on their own learning skills. Dr Susan Young, from Exeter University, will explore this further and develop the concept of how to enable pupils to be experimental and expressive by shifting the active role from the teacher to the pupil. Dr Edward Sellman, from The University of Nottingham will later delve into how creativity has been proven and demonstrated to aid mindfulness and harness the mental wellbeing of our pupils.

Workshops will enable delegates to explore emerging digital technology, engage in local and regional research projects, learn about Arts Mark and Arts Award and participate in an active example of using art to support and promote positive mental health.

Key reasons to attend

  • Explore a range of inspiring practical activities which promote mental health and wellbeing
  • Hear from two renowned keynote speakers with vast experience and research based around the teaching and impact of the Arts.
  • Learn how to apply and utilise digital art forms to teaching and learning across the wider curriculum


21 March 2017


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