National Pay Negotiations

As you may be aware, the Council’s pay rates are determined nationally, with the majority of those negotiations being undertaken through various local government Negotiating Bodies, co-ordinated by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The largest staff group affected by these negotiations are employees on Grades A-T, who are covered by the NJC (National Joint Council) for Local Government Services. We understand that following trade union ballots, agreement has not been reached on any NJC pay award. Negotiations are also continuing for other Negotiating Bodies including the JNC (Joint Negotiating Committee) for Chief Executives and for Youth & Community Workers. We are also awaiting information on the JNC for Soulbury. As soon as we have any further information we will advise you.

Agreement has however been reached on the JNC for Chief Officers pay award, which will see a 1 per cent increase from 1st April 2016, with a further increase of 1 per cent from 1st April 2017. This will apply to Devon County Council employees on chief and senior officer grades (ie the L grades or D grades – which have since been amalgamated into the L grades). The April 2016 pay increase will be reflected in pay advices for this group from the end of April onwards.

The Council also employs staff on other nationally determined pay rates which are outside the scope of local government national pay negotiations – these are teachers, teachers in residential establishments or those under NHS pay arrangements, where separate arrangements apply.


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