Success@Arithmetic– a new small-group maths intervention for those who find calculation difficult

• Is aligned to the new Mathematics National Curriculum
• Raises mathematical attainment and promotes conceptual understanding
• Develops the mathematical subject knowledge of both teachers and teaching assistants
• Offers a carefully staged progression for the secure development of calculation methods
• Uses bar modelling and number rods to promote mathematical thinking and understanding
• Provides detailed analyses of pupils’ progress to help schools evaluate impact
• Can be used flexibly to address individual needs

How does it work?
Success@Arithmetic trains a lead teacher and a teaching assistant who work together to raise pupils’ attainment and develop their understanding, fluency and confidence in written calculation.

The lead teacher conducts a diagnostic assessment and selects a series of Success@Arithmetic steps to form a tailored programme. The teaching assistant delivers it to a small intervention group.

The sessions include concrete, pictorial and symbolic approaches that build a complete mathematical picture, moving the pupils towards arithmetical fluency.

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