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Emotional Logic Lesson Plan Training

Emotional Logic is your inbuilt capacity for one emotion to evolve constructively into another as you adjust to change in different ways.

You will learn that Emotional Logic gives:

  • A structured way to understand the useful purposes of emotions
  • The ability to turn unpleasant emotions into positive actions
  • Self-respect, particularly when things become complicated or confusing
  • Empathy, making better guesses about how others feel and think
  • Improved choice and stronger decision-making, leading to personal development of resilience and character, because reasoning and emotion work in partnership

Through practical skills training, some background theory, and conversational practice, this course will equip participants to:

  • Teach Emotional Logic to students within their setting using a set of lesson plans and teaching materials
  • Support individuals with their emotional responses

Cost: £180 per person


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